How To - update Intel RAID cards

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Guide on how to update windows RAID cards through FRU key.

To update in intel RAID card (RS3DC080/RS3DC040) you will need to load into the UEFI/FRU key through the BIOS. TO do this you will need to navigate to exit and load FRU through USB device.
Once you are into the FRU interface on the USB you will need to find out what FS the USB is under. For this example of FS is 0. To load into it you only need to do "FS0:" and then to look in the USB you can do us the command "ls"
Once you have checked the folders on the USB you will ned to cd into the intel folder "cd Intel" and then you will need to cd into the RS3DC080 folder "cd RS3DC080(this folder is used for both the C040 & the C080 Intel RAID cards)
There should be only one folder for the firmware update for the card and you can cd into it like you had for the intel and RS3DC080 folder "cd 24.21.0-0132"
Once you are in you can use either dir or ls to check the folder and what is in it.
There are two ways you can update the FW of the unit. the first is to use update.nsh; this should run the update script. (Note this will not work if the card is already on the same FW version.)
The recommended way to update the update the FW for the RAID card is to use the following commands.
"storcli.efi /c0 download file = MR_61p6.rom" this might not work if the unit is currently on the same version that you are trying to flash to and you will get this error message.
To recify this you will need to do the same command as before but at noverchk at the end.

"storcli.efi /c0 download file = MR_61p6.rom noverchk"
You will know that the FW has update one you see F/W Flash Completed

Check what version the RAID is currently on.

To do this navigate to the FW folder for the RAID. in here instead of writing out the command for updating the FW you will need to write out the following commands "storcli.efi /c0 show" This will show you the current FW version the RAID card is on.

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