How To - update Broadcom RAID cards

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Guide on how to update Broadcom RAID cards through CMD in windows.

To update Broadcom RAID cards you will need to boot into the Blackcore SSD and into a the windows environment.
Once the unit is in windows you will need to enter command prompt and run as admin.
When in CMD you will need to navigate to the root of the drive by using "cd .."
Once you are in the root of the drive you can use the "dir" to look up the directory of the drive to see which file you will need to cd into for the raid card you have in your unit, to do this use the "cd 9460-8i"
For this example we will be updating a 9460-8i
Once you are in the directory of the raid card you can use dir to check which versions are in the folder.
You then can cd into the folder you need (If it says on the MO which version; cd into the version, If not load latest version)
example - cd 51.19.0-4170

This is the last folder you need to load into. once in you can then run dir to check what is in the folder.
To update the RAID software you will need to enter in a couple of commands.
The commands you need to enter is "storcli64.exe /c0 download file = *.rom of RAID" If the unit fails to boot the you will need to add noverchk at the end of the commands above "storcli64.exe /c0 download file = *.rom of RAID* noverchk).
You will know when the RAID has been update when you get the "F/W Flash completed"

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